Scenic Hills Community Association

 Vacation Notification Form 

.....Going to be away for awhile?....

Please complete the form below, print it, and provide it to the Lodge Manager

Departure Date
Return Date

During my absence, my neighbor   
at Telephone Number
will have the keys to my home in case of emergency. 

In case of an emergency, please contact my family member as shown below:
Telephone Number
Cell/Work Number

I will be located at  , and
can be contacted at this phone number  .

While I am away      is authorized access to my home.

During this away period, lights will be on in the below rooms at the times designated:

Room:   Time On:

Room:   Time On:

__________________________________________________                        _____________________________________
Signature                                                                                                            Date

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Please do not write below this line - for Security purposes only

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