1 May 2018



Scenic Hills Community Association

Home Owner's Monthly Fees

Monthly fees are based upon the size of the lot that a home sits on.  A vacant lot, of course, has the smallest fee.
The monthly fee is used to pay for the maintenance of all common areas and facilities, guard service, and employed staff members. 
The monthly fee also pays for the lawn and yard care provided by a professional landscaping firm, lawn watering and maintenance of the
underground sprinkler system

The map below displays the fee code for each address and the fee associated with that property.       


                                                                                                                   shmap2a.jpg (259351 bytes)


Homeowner Association Fee
Calendar Year 2017

B     (4001 6000 Sq Ft)     $ 258.00

C      (6001 7500 Sq Ft)     $267.00

D     (7501 9900 Sq Ft)     $ 276.00

E      (9901 12,000 Sq Ft)  $ 286.00

F     (12,000 + Sq Ft)           $ 295.00

V     (Vacant Lot)               $ 123.00



































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